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Method and container conveyor for rearranging a container flow, and device having same
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1. A method of processing containers, said method comprising, at a compartment star, receiving a first container-flow of containers over a conveying segment, causing said compartment star to place containers one-by-one on a rearrangement portion between said compartment star and an inlet star to form a second container-flow, driving a pocket chain that carries catch elements in an endless loop, wherein, as a result of being driven by said pocket chain toward said inlet star, said catch elements rearrange said containers along said rearrangement portion, loading containers on said rearrangement portion into inlet-star receptacles of an inlet star, and conveying said containers onward via said inlet star, wherein said first container-flow is a single-track container-flow that comprises containers standing upright, wherein said second container-flow is a single track container-flow in which said containers are separated from each other by a constant separation, wherein said constant separation is selected such that, when a container arrives at said inlet star, an inlet-star receptacle is positioned to receive said container, and wherein said catch elements are configured to cause said containers to be separated from each other by said separation distance prior to arrival of said containers at said inlet star.