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Method and unit for conveying load carriers
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1. A method for conveying laden or unladen load carriers, comprising the steps of:
conveying load carriers using a first conveyor system and a second conveyor system which differ from one another in conveying terms,
a) at least one load carrier is received and conveyed at least temporarily by, in each case, one conveyor device of the first conveyor system, independently of the second conveyor system;
b) a third conveyor system separate from the first conveyor system and the second conveyor system, the third conveyor system moving the at least one load carrier from the first conveyor system to the second conveyor system, and further wherein at least two cooperating conveyor units are used as a conveyor device of the first conveyor system, each conveyor unit comprising
c) a chassis which can be moved on floor rollers;
d) a supporting element which is carried along by the chassis and can be lifted or lowered in relation to the chassis in such a way that, in a empty configuration, the conveyor unit can move under a load carrier and, in a conveying configuration, can receive and carry a load carrier by means of the supporting element; and
e) a drive system by means of which at least one of the floor rollers can be driven.