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Slide valve for a hopper containing powdered material or material with a small grain size
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1. A slide valve (100) for a powdered material or a material with a small grain size; said valve comprising a frame (10), having an opening in the form of a discharge mouth (OP) to discharge the material, and a shutter (40), which is activated by an actuator (45), said shutter (40) being movable relative to the frame (10) and configured to shut, in plan view, said discharge mouth (OP);
said valve being characterized in that it comprises, furthermore, a height adjusting device (20) for a sealing element (30), said height adjusting device (20) being configured to compensate the loss of sealing effect between a lower face (80) of said sealing element (30) and an upper face (40A) of said shutter (40), said loss of sealing effect being due to the wear generated by the relative friction between said lower face (80) of said sealing element (30) and said upper face (40A) of said shutter (40);
wherein said sealing element (30) comprises an upper portion (30A), which is disposed above the adjusting device (20), and a lower portion (30B), which is arranged next to and below the adjusting device (20);
wherein said upper portion (30A) of said sealing element (30) lies on a support element (50), which comprises, in turn, a horizontal plate (50A) having an end that is provided with a vertical abutment (50B) extending downwards; on the upper surface of said horizontal plate (50A) there being provided a longitudinal recess (60), which is sited to house a projecting element (30A*), which protrudes from said upper portion (30A) of said sealing element (30); the coupling between said projecting element (30A*) and said longitudinal recess (60) representing a first anchoring area (AZ1) to anchor said sealing element (30) to said support element (50).