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Fruit in a bubble wrap mat
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1. A method for packaging fruits or vegetables, the method comprising:
unspooling a first flexible polymer film in a form of a flat sheet comprising cups, wherein each cup is configured to be expanded from a collapsed state disposed within the flat sheet to an expanded cup, comprising a depth and a circumference configured to accommodate the fruits or vegetables;
expanding each cup from its collapsed state cup disposed within the flat sheet to an expanded cup by a flow of compressed gas;
placing the fruits or vegetables into the expanded cup;
unspooling a second flexible polymer film;
overlaying the first polymer film and the expanded cup holding the fruits or vegetables with the second polymer film;
partially bonding the second polymer film to the first polymer film, such that at least one gas conduit is formed for each cup between the first and second polymer films allowing air to flow into each expanded cup;
inflating the expanded cups by pumping a gas through the at least one gas conduit, thereby forming inflated cups; and
sealing the at least one gas conduit, thereby sealing the fruits or vegetables within each inflated cup, thereby forming a sealed package.