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Food container with integral condiment cup
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1. A collapsible container comprising opposing side walls that define an open interior when opened, an open top and a collapsible cup which is integral with at least one of said side walls and protrudes into the interior of said container, wherein said cup comprises first and second cup walls, wherein at least the first cup wall is configured to fold against said at least one side wall to dispose the cup in a closed position, and to unfold to open said cup into the interior of said container, wherein the container is configured to urge the cup into a selected one of the open or closed position by an overcenter operation generated by outward bowing of the at least one side wall as the cup is urged towards the closed or open position through an overcenter position, wherein the overcenter position is partway between fully open and fully closed positions of the cup, wherein the first and second cup walls meet in a central fold line, the first and second cup walls each consisting of a triangular panel which extends from a corresponding one of the side walls to the central fold line, wherein opening the cup urges the panels to diverge where they meet the side walls to bow the side walls outwardly when the container is opened or closed through the over center position.