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Barrier spout for a flexible bag and a flexible bag having a barrier spout
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1. A barrier spout comprising:
a base flange having a top surface, a bottom surface and an outer surface;
an upstand portion having a proximal end extending from the base flange terminating at a distal end, with an upper opening at the distal end, and a lower opening at the proximal end;
a removable diaphragm extending across one of the upper opening and the lower opening, which removable diaphragm being cuttable at the respective distal or proximal end at which the removable diaphragm is positioned upon molding thereof
wherein the base flange, the upstand portion and the removable diaphragm structurally comprise a co-injection molded structure, base flange and the upstand portion each comprise a three layer co-injection molded configuration, with an outer layer, an inner layer and a central layer, the central layer having an oxygen transmission rate that is less than an oxygen transmission rate of either of the outer layer and the inner layer.