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Beverage can with antenna for data transmission
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1. A can, comprising:
an at least partly electrically conductive body including a front can wall having a seal region, said seal region being at least partly delimited by a predetermined breaking edge and said predetermined breaking edge delimiting an intermediate region;
an opening element being connected at least at one point to said front can wall, said opening element at least partly bearing flat against said front can wall in an initial position and being pivotable relative to said body from said initial position into an opening position;
said opening element upon pivoting from said initial position into said opening position breaking said seal region away from said predetermined breaking edge and forming an opening in said intermediate region for discharging contents of the can;
said opening element including a metallic basic body having an end region with a loop having an electrical interruption;
an antenna and a transponder chip linked to said antenna, said antenna at least partly bearing against said basic body and being electrically isolated with respect to said basic body;
an antenna carrier, at least one of said antenna or said antenna carrier being disposed on a side of said opening element facing toward said front can wall in said initial position; and
said antenna being disposed without interruption at least partly along said loop being electrically interrupted by said interruption.