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Container with pivoting latch
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1. A container comprising:
a body comprising a bottom wall, a front wall, a rear wall and opposing side walls forming a unitary structure defining a storage space, the front wall, the rear wall and the opposing side walls extending upward from the bottom wall and terminating in a ledge, the ledge having an outer perimeter and an inner perimeter, the body further comprising a body flange extending upward from the inner perimeter of the ledge and terminating in a rim, the rim defining an opening communicating with the storage space, the front wall having a top edge and defining a body recess near the front wall top edge;
a lid moveable between a closed position in which the lid covers the opening and an open position allowing access to the storage space, the lid comprising a top panel and a lid flange extending downward from the top panel, the lid flange comprising a front panel extending downward from a front panel upper edge to a front panel lower edge, the lid top panel and the lid flange front panel defining a lid recess which communicates with the body recess, the lid further comprising a vertical surface located within the lid recess and extending upward from the front panel lower edge, the lid further comprising a locking post extending forward from the vertical surface, the locking post having a top surface, the top surface having a raised front edge;
a pivot mount extending outwardly from the body within the body recess; and
a resiliently flexible latch pivotally mounted to the pivot mount, the latch comprising a lower portion, a handle and a pair of arms extending between the lower portion and the handle, the lower portion, the handle and the pair of arms defining a latch opening therebetween, the latch opening configured so that the latch can mate with the locking post;
wherein the latch is pivotally moveable between a locked position in which the latch is distended and extends vertically upward and the locking post extends through the latch opening to mate with the latch, and an open position in which the latch is relaxed and extends horizontally within the body recess.