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Method of making a woven plastic bag
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1. A method of making a woven plastic bag, the method comprising the steps of:
feeding in a longitudinal production direction a flat-lying fabric web having a layer of woven-together plastic attachment strips on a first face, opposite longitudinal edge regions spaced from each other perpendicular to the production direction along a transverse direction and each extending over only part of a transverse width of the fabric web, and a middle section between the longitudinal edge regions;
applying to the first face of the fabric web a pattern that repeats along the production direction only locally with a coating in the form of a film or in the form of a liquid plastic of a width or shape that varies in a transverse direction;
shaping the fabric web into a fabric tube;
in order to form individual woven plastic bags, cutting the fabric tube transversely into pieces of the fabric tube suitable for subsequent filling and sealing;
connecting together mutually opposite surfaces of the bag wall with the coating along at least one joint seam that extends transversely; and
forming the joint seam with at least one step in the transverse direction such that a dimension of the joint seam determined in a longitudinal direction changes at the step.