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Rechargeable sealer with storage function
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1. A rechargeable sealer with storage function, comprising:
a casing, provided with an accommodating chamber, in which are provided with a fore contact element and a rear contact element, and a rechargeable battery is positioned in and between the fore contact element and the rear contact element;
an electric heating module, received in the accommodating chamber, and connected with the fore contact element;
a circuit board, provided with an external slot, and disposed in the accommodating chamber, and connected with the rear contact element;
a supporting base, including at least a receiving slot, and a pivoting shaft, and fastened and secured to the casing;
a press bar, provided with a sliding slot, and pivotally connected with the pivoting shaft of the supporting base;
a spring-back mechanism, received in the accommodating chamber for biasing against underneath of the press bar; and
a sliding plate, provided with a heat-resisting insulator and a stopper, such that the sliding plate can move along a sliding slot.