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Box-packing system
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1. A box-packing system comprising:
a conveyance apparatus;
an evening part having an endless belt that is configured to contact an upper surface of an article flatly evening and smoothing out the upper surface of an article packaged within a soft packaging material;
a robot configured to apply suction, hold, and transport the article packaged within the soft packaging material and conveyed by the conveyance apparatus; and
a control device configured to control the robot to move the article to a box-packing preparation area,
the robot having:
a suction part configured to apply suction to the article from above;
an arm configured to be able to move the suction part in a horizontal direction and a vertical direction; and
a drive part configured to drive the arm in order for the suction part to apply suction to the article at a predetermined vertical location,
the control device having:
an acquisition part configured to acquire thickness information of the article within the soft packaging material evened by the evening part and store the thickness information acquired from the evening part in the control device;
a determination part configured to determine the predetermined vertical location on the basis of the thickness information stored by the control device, the predetermined vertical location corresponding to a vertical location at which the robot applies suction to the article; and
a command generation part configured to generate a command configured to drive the drive part on the basis of the predetermined vertical location determined by the determination part, and wherein
the robot drives the arm to the predetermined vertical location and arranges the article in a box-pack placement in the box-packing preparation area.