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Mandrel for applying and cutting shrink sleeve material to containers
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1. A mandrel assembly for use in applying tubular film to containers, the mandrel assembly comprising:
an upper element, a lower element and a cutting insert formed as separate components and connected together with the cutting insert disposed axially between the upper element and the lower element and connected for removable and replaceable affixation to the upper and lower elements, the cutting insert having an upper mounting surface and lower mounting surface disposed on opposite ends of the cutting insert, and an external surface having an inwardly extending peripheral cutting slot that is spaced from both the upper mounting surface and the lower mounting surface;
wherein the upper element includes sleeve drive slots into which rollers can be mounted;
wherein the cutting insert comprises an upper disc-shaped part and a lower disc-shaped part separated by the cutting slot and connected by a central cylindrical member, the cutting slot comprises an upper edge formed by the upper disc-shaped part and a lower edge formed by the lower disc-shaped part, the upper edge spaced below the upper mounting surface and the lower edge spaced above the lower mounting surface, wherein a taper extends downward and outward from the lower edge, and the lower edge is one knife entry edge of the cutting slot,
wherein the cutting insert is separable from both the upper element and the lower element.