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Propeller blade retention
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1. A propeller blade retention arrangement comprising:
a propeller blade comprising in radial sequence an aerofoil portion, a shank portion and a root portion; the root portion having first cross-sectional area close to the shank portion and second cross-sectional area at the end distal to the aerofoil portion, wherein the second cross-sectional area is greater than the first cross-sectional area;
at least two cheeks each having an inner surface arranged to abut the root portion, an outer surface that is threaded, a cheek flange that extends outwardly from the outer surface, and edge surfaces that abut another of the at least two cheeks; wherein the at least two cheeks are arranged to surround the root portion in circumferential abutment, and each cheek comprises part of an integral penny having part-circular outer periphery and an inner periphery arranged to abut the transition from shank portion to aerofoil portion of the propeller blade; and
a collar having an annular flange and a threaded inner surface, the collar being arranged so that the threaded inner surface threadingly engages the outer surfaces of the at least two cheeks, wherein the collar has a lesser radial extent than each cheek, each cheek flange is arranged outside of the collar, the annular flange extends away from the propeller blade in the axial direction, and the annular flange abuts each cheek flange.