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Container holder with fasteners
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1. A holder for a container of predetermined circumference and length comprising: one or more bands each capable of retaining a container inside the band, each band having a plurality of straps attached to and extending away from the exterior of the band; each strap having a fastener on the end capable of attaching that strap to a harness such that the band or bands and a container within the band or bands are held in a stable position relative to the harness; at least one of the fasteners being a first fastener comprising a base portion, a center strut extending away from the base portion and a pair of outer fingers having a first portion extending in opposite directions away from the center strut and a second portion extending from the first portion towards the base portion; a first space between the outer fingers and the center strut such that a strap can be inserted between the fingers and the center strut to attach the fastener to the strap; and a second space between the outer fingers and the base portion to allow for insertion or removal of a strap via the second space wherein the base of the first fastener includes a hook extending away from the center strut, and the fastener is attached to the strap via a quick release buckle having one end of the buckle inserted into the hook, and further comprising teeth located on at least one of the outer fingers for inhibiting movement of the first fastener along a strap located between the outer fingers and center strut.