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Submersible buoy, inflation control system and kit
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1. A submersible buoy comprising:
an airtight, watertight, flexible body defining a space, comprising:
a mooring end attachable to a mooring line; and
an exposed end that faces away from water when said submersible buoy is floating; and
an inflation control system disposed at least partially within said space, said inflation control system comprising:
a pressure vessel shaped and dimensioned to store compressed gas;
a gas valve in fluid communication with said pressure vessel and said space;
a gas compressor in fluid communication with said pressure vessel such that said gas compressor is capable of performing operations comprising:
releasing gas from said pressure vessel into said space; and
sucking gas from said space into said pressure vessel;
a controller in electronic communication with said gas compressor and said gas valve such that said controller controls at least a position of said gas valve and said operations of said gas compressor; and
a battery in electric communication with at least said gas compressor such that said battery powers said operations of said gas compressor.