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Frictional propulsion device and omni-directional vehicle
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1. A frictional propulsion device, comprising:
a frame;
a main wheel including an annular core member having a laterally extending central axial center line and a plurality of driven rollers each rotatably supported on the annular core member about a tangential line of the annular core member;
a support shaft supported by the frame and extending laterally across a hollow interior of the main wheel;
a pair of drive disks rotatably supported by the support shaft on either side of the main wheel, the drive disks being individually rotatable around a common central axial line; and
a plurality of drive rollers arranged along a peripheral part of each drive disk and each rotatably supported by the drive disk about a rotational center line at an angle with respect to both a tangential line of the drive disk and the rotational center line of the drive disk, at least part of the drive rollers engaging the driven rollers of the main wheel;
wherein each drive disk includes,
a hub rotatably supported by the support shaft,
a disk member attached to a peripheral part of the hub, and
a plurality of holder beams arranged circumferentially between the hub and the disk member such that each holder beam is attached to the hub at a first end thereof and to the disk member at a second end thereof, each drive roller being rotatably supported by a corresponding adjoining pair of holder beams,
wherein each holder beam is detachably attached to the hub and the disk member by using fasteners.