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Hydraulic brake mechanism
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17. A housing for a hydraulic brake mechanism sized and shaped to be grasped by a user's hand and mountable to a bicycle handlebar, the housing comprising:
a base portion including first and second ends, the base portion including a handlebar clamp at the first end, the base portion extending generally horizontally;
an extension portion extending forwardly of the base portion at the second end and angled generally upwardly from the base portion when the housing is mounted to the bicycle handlebar;
a fluid outlet port in the extension portion;
a shift device space configured for the inclusion of a shift device;
a fluid reservoir;
a fluid chamber configured to include a piston movably disposed therein, the fluid chamber disposed in the extension portion of the housing and in fluid communication with the fluid reservoir and the fluid outlet port;
a lever attachment portion disposed at the second end of the base portion, the lever attachment portion configured to be operatively connected to the piston to slidably displace the piston within the fluid chamber; and
a groove formed along a length of the extension portion configured to house a fluid line attached to the fluid outlet port.