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End structure of a motor vehicle body
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1. An end structure of a motor vehicle body comprising:
two longitudinal struts, which extend from a passenger compartment along respective axes substantially parallel to a longitudinal axis of advancement of the motor vehicle and comprise respective first ends;
two attachment plates, which are fitted on, and directly fixed to, said first ends and comprise:
a) respective walls, which are ring-shaped about said axes and are defined by respective faces having substantially vertical and flat resting zones;
b) respective tabs, which are joined to said walls at an inner annular perimeter of said walls;
two supporting plates resting respectively on said resting zones and fixed to said walls;
two buffering elements, which are substantially coaxial to said struts and comprise respective second ends fixed to said supporting plates;
wherein said tabs protrude with respect to said walls towards said supporting plates and end with respective edges, which are longitudinally aligned with said supporting plates so as to be subject to compressive load by the thrust of said supporting plates in case of collision.