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Housing structure and steering apparatus
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1. A housing structure comprising:
a first housing and a second housing that house a shaft, a first rotation transmitting member provided coaxially with the shaft, and a second rotation transmitting member arranged so as to transmit power to the first rotation transmitting member, the first housing and the second housing being combined with each other so that mating surfaces of the first and second housings that are unparallel to an axis of the shaft are contacted with each other, wherein
the first housing comprises a first guide portion that protrudes from the mating surface of the first housing,
the second housing comprises a second guide portion that engages with the first guide portion,
the first guide portion and the second guide portion are engaged with each other along a circumferential direction of the axis and guide relative rotation of the first housing and the second housing around the axis,
the first guide portion is a guide rib protruding to define a circular arc around the axis, and
the second guide portion is a guide wall having a shape of a circular arc around the axis and being in slidable contact with a peripheral surface of the guide rib.