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Trolley for collecting waste
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1. A trolley for collecting waste, comprising:
wheels for moving the trolley;
a handle for steering the trolley; and
a housing with a bottomwall and a sidewall extending from the bottomwall in vertical direction V, the housing forming a waste chamber for receiving waste, wherein:
the sidewall comprises an opening;
a flap is connected by a first bearing to the sidewall of the housing such that the flap is pivotable about a horizontal flap axis at least between a closing position and an opening position;
the flap in its closing position closes the opening of the sidewall;
the flap in its opening position opens the opening in the sidewall, such that waste can be inserted into the waste chamber;
the handle is connected by a second bearing to the housing, such that the handle is pivotable about a handle axis at least between a first handle position and a second handle position; and
the handle is linked to the flap by a mechanical linkage, such that pivoting the handle from its second handle position to its first handle position results in a pivoting of the flap from its opening position to its closing position.