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Gate crossing arm collision detection system and method
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1. A detection and warning system for a railroad crossing, the system comprising:
a sensor configured to be mounted on an underside of a gate arm of a railroad crossing gate to detect a presence of a vehicle or other object that is obstructing the railroad crossing, the sensor including a sensing strip;
a sensing circuit coupled to the sensing strip to detect an event of contact being made between the vehicle or the object and the sensing strip of the sensor; and
a communication interface coupled to the sensor,
wherein in response to a detection of the vehicle or the other object, the communication interface relays to a locomotive approaching the railroad crossing a warning signal indicative of a possible collision on the railroad crossing with the vehicle or the other object,
wherein the communication interface to relay the warning signal to a control interface of a locomotive engine, and
wherein the sensing circuit is configured to operate in a fail-safe mode in that a reduce speed command is broadcast to all oncoming trains in case of a transmit condition when a collision or a circuit compromise is detected and no command is broadcast in case of a do not transmit condition when no collision is detected or the sensing circuit is functioning properly.