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Braking force control apparatus for saddle ride vehicle
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1. A braking force control apparatus for a saddle ride vehicle, comprising:
an electronic control unit (ECU) configured to control a transmission which reduces driving force of an engine by a predetermined speed reduction ratio and transmits the driving force to a drive wheel of a vehicle,
a clutch device which connects and disconnects the driving force between the engine and the transmission, and
brake devices which generate braking force on the drive wheel and another wheel,
wherein the vehicle is configured to be switched between a normal driving mode and a slow speed mode in which the vehicle is driven at a speed reduction ratio on a lower speed side than in the normal driving mode,
when the slow speed mode is selected the control device detects an inclination angle in a pitching direction of the vehicle, and causes the brake devices to generate braking force on at least one of the drive wheel and the other wheel when the inclination angle is ≧ a predetermined value, and
then while the vehicle is in the slow speed mode the control device starts switching the clutch device to a connected state when a rider of the vehicle inputs a driving operation, and gradually releases the braking force once the driving force starts to be transmitted to the drive wheel.