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Apparatus, method, and computer readable medium for displaying vehicle information
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1. An apparatus for displaying vehicle information, the apparatus comprising:
a front camera configured to photograph a front image of a vehicle;
an inter-vehicle distance detector configured to measure an inter-vehicle distance between the vehicle and a nearby vehicle;
a vehicle information detector configured to detect vehicle information associated with the vehicle;
a smart cruise control system configured to control a smart cruise control of the vehicle using the inter-vehicle distance and the vehicle information;
a display configured to display information relating to the smart cruise control in an augmented reality display region within a front image located in a front portion of the vehicle; and
a controller configured to: i) compare an actual inter-vehicle distance between the driver's own vehicle and a nearby vehicle, which is measured by the inter-vehicle distance detector, to a set inter-vehicle distance which is preset and ii) output display information corresponding to the set inter-vehicle distance to the display based on the comparison, wherein
when the display information cannot be displayed on the augmented reality display region because the actual inter-vehicle distance is less than the set inter-vehicle distance, the controller is further configured to: i) determine an information displayable region in the augmented reality display region that is capable of displaying the display information and ii) scale the display information based on a size of the information displayable region,
a region of the front image where a nearby vehicle region overlaps the augmented reality display region forms an overlapped region, and
the controller is further configured to calculate a vertical length of the information displayable region by subtracting a sum of i) a vertical length of the overlapped region and ii) a vertical length of a region in which nearby vehicle indication information is displayed, from a vertical length of the augmented reality display region.