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Three stage watercraft
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1. A watercraft for three-stage operation, in a first stage the watercraft riding in the water as a boat, in a second stage the watercraft riding on the surface of the water, and in a third stage the watercraft being in contact with the water while traveling in ground effect, the watercraft comprising:
a hydro-wing including a combined hull and wings, the hull constructed and arranged to support a cabin, and the wings constructed and arranged to provide lift, a bottom surface of the combined hull and wings forming a substantially continuous ground effect surface of the hydro-wing;
at least a single hydrofoil supported by the hydro-wing;
a pair of outboard hydro-floats supported on the bottom surface of the hydro-wing on a port and a starboard side thereof; and
at least one pivotally mounted air propeller, pivotal between a first position substantially parallel to a horizontal plane of travel of the watercraft and second position substantially vertical to a horizontal plane of travel of the watercraft.