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Pyrotechnic igniter
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1. A pyrotechnic igniter comprising:
at least one pyrotechnic material for ignition by a heating element; and
a case enclosing the at least one pyrotechnic material, a plastic overmoulding of the case forming a fixation interface of the igniter and inserted into a fixation orifice of a support up to an inserted position,
wherein the fixation interface of the plastic overmoulding includes at least one deformable part designed elastically deformable during passage into the fixation orifice and elastically returnable to a blocking position against the support when the igniter is in the inserted position to prevent any withdrawal of the igniter,
wherein the case is arranged in a pit of the plastic overmoulding to allow the case to open for passage of gases and hot particulates during operation of the pyrotechnic igniter at a depth greater than or equal to one half a diameter of the case.