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Automobile usage analytics and personalization
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1. A method implemented by one or more computing devices in an environment in which sensors are included with parts of automobiles, detect usage events that result from automobile usage, and produce sensor data indicative of the usage events, the method further implemented to generate recommendations that are based on the automobile usage, the method comprising:
obtaining the sensor data, by the one or more computing devices, for an automobile associated with a user that describes the usage events detected by auto part sensors of the automobile;
analyzing the obtained sensor data to compute statistics that summarize usage of the automobile;
determining, by the one or more computing devices, at least one of a product or service that is pertinent to the user based on both the statistics that summarize the usage of the automobile and interaction data associated with the user that describes interactions of the user with other sensor-configured objects;
generating one or more recommendations to suggest the determined product or service by presenting the one or more recommendations to the user via output interfaces of the automobile; and
communicating, by the one or more computing devices, the generated one or more recommendations to the automobile for presentation via the output interfaces.