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Electrical wire guiding apparatus
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1. An electrical wire guiding apparatus comprising:
an electrical wire guiding body that is configured by coupling a plurality of link members in a single line so as to be capable of undergoing curving deformation and capable of receiving insertion of an electrical wire, at least one of the plurality of link members including a coupling portion with a shaft portion for coupling adjacent link members together, the shaft portion includes a receding portion;
a self-adhesive cloth member that has stretchability and is wrapped around the electrical wire guiding body in a circumference direction so as to envelop the electrical wire guiding body; and
a fixing means for fixing the self-adhesive cloth member to the electrical wire guiding body, the fixing means includes a clip that is a separate part from the plurality of link members and the self-adhesive cloth member and includes a body portion, an arm portion connected to the body portion, and a locking protrusion connected to the arm portion;
wherein the locking protrusion of the clip locks into the receding portion of the at least one link member such that the clip sandwiches the self-adhesive cloth member with the at least one link member.