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Vehicle interior spotlight
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1. A vehicle interior light for spot illumination of a surface to be illuminated in the interior of the vehicle having a light source emitting a light cone having a central axis the direction of which does not coincide with the direction in which the surface to be illuminated lies, and a deflecting optical system which alters both the angle of aperture and also the direction of said central axis of the said light cone,
wherein the deflecting optical system includes three lens bodies which operate with light refraction and are arranged in succession in the beam path of the light source, each of said lens bodies having an optically active light entry surface, an optically active light exit surface and a central axis, said central axes being inclined relative to each other,
wherein the three lens bodies are integrally connected by material bridges in regions of optically non-active surfaces, and
wherein the light entry surface, that is towards the second lens body, of the third lens body which is furthest away from the light source is provided with scattering properties.