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Platform system for vehicle interior
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1. A disassemblable platform system in a vehicle interior, comprising:
a plurality of panels relatively positioned to form a flat, raised rigid platform in the vehicle interior, the platform being elevated above lower seat cushions in the vehicle interior, said plurality of panels comprising two rear panels, a driver area panel, a passenger area panel, and a console area panel between said driver area panel and said passenger area panel;
horizontal supports that underlie at least two of said plurality of panels, said horizontal supports comprising at least two right-to-left horizontal support bars; and panel-attached horizontal supports that are each attached to a corresponding panel to which they are dedicated;
wherein said panel-attached horizontal supports extend horizontally beyond the corresponding panel to which they are attached so as to underlie at least one adjacent panel;
vehicle contacting, non-horizontal supports that directly contact at least some of said horizontal supports and provide support to said platform, wherein said non-horizontal supports comprise at least one vehicle contacting, under-platform, non-horizontal support, and a plurality of vehicle contacting, above-platform, non-horizontal supports, wherein at least some of said vehicle contacting, above-platform, non-horizontal supports are connected to at least one of: a vehicle-occupant assist handle, and a rear seat head rest support;
wherein said at least one vehicle contacting, under-platform, non-horizontal support comprises a cup holder post;
at least one inter-panel compression device operable to bring one panel of the plurality of panels toward another in a horizontal plane, the compression device being selected from the group consisting of: a clamp; telescoping and lockable panel-attached horizontal supports; and a tension-resistant strap.