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Vehicle seat equipped with a fold-down element, such as a tray
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1. A vehicle seat for a passenger, including a seat back having a front face adapted to point to the passenger and a rear face opposite to the front face, the seat back including a fold-down element to the rear face of the seat back, pivotably mounted with respect to the seat back, by means of at least one hinge about an axis of rotation enabling the fold-down element to take on at least two predetermined angular positions, defined by at least two abutment means, including a substantially vertical position, in which the fold-down element is folded up to the rear face of the seat back, the abutment means, relating to the substantially vertical position, being placed at the hinge,
wherein the abutment means, relating to the substantially vertical position, includes increasing resistance means, able to hold the fold-down element in the substantially vertical position, in the absence of a collision, and able to allow the fold-down element pivoting to be continued, with an increasing pivoting resistance, to the front face of the seat back, under an effect of said collision against the fold-down element beyond a force with a predetermined value.