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Automatically aligning latching arrangement
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1. A seat assembly comprising:
a seat bottom;
a seatback attached to the seat bottom;
a striker pin fixed to one of a vehicle floor or the seat bottom;
a latch assembly mounted to the other of the vehicle floor and the seat bottom and including a latch plate having an opening and a movable locking tab configured to retain the striker pin within the opening; and
a pivot bracket assembly including a first bracket member attached to the seat bottom and a second bracket member fixedly mounted to the vehicle floor, the first bracket member being pivotably attached to the second bracket member and including a plurality of curved elongated slots formed therein, wherein the curved elongated slots curve toward each other as they extend downward away from the seat bottom; and
a plurality of pins each extending through a corresponding one of the curved elongated slots in the first bracket member and a corresponding one of a plurality of apertures in the seat bottom,
wherein the first bracket of the pivot bracket assembly is movable relative to the vehicle floor and the seat bottom to align the opening in the latch plate relative to the striker pin.