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Air guiding device for a motor-vehicle
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1. A motor vehicle comprising an air guiding device for a motor-vehicle, the air guiding device comprising:
a main chamber located at a rear of a front wall of a motor-vehicle, said main chamber defined between said front wall, a rear wall spaced apart from said front wall, an upper wall, a lower wall and two side walls,
at least one first opening on said front wall to allow air to flow into said chamber,
at least one second opening on said rear wall, for guiding air to an engine compartment of the motor-vehicle,
two side ducts, each extending from an inlet located at a respective side wall of the main chamber to an outlet giving out on a respective outer side wall of the motor vehicle,
a flow control device for controlling an airflow through said second opening,
wheel compartments defined by a body and receiving wheels of the vehicle, and
the outlets of the two side ducts arranged and oriented so as to generate a substantially flattened and vertical air curtain in a form of a planar air blade, parallel to a vertical longitudinal plane of the motor-vehicle and located adjacent to each front wheel of the motor-vehicle, on the outer side thereof, in such a way as to provide a reduction and/or a complete elimination of air vortices within the wheel compartments.