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Transmission system of hybrid electric vehicle
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1. A transmission system of a hybrid electric vehicle comprising:
an input shaft connected to an engine;
a planetary gear set including a first rotation element operated as an output element, a second rotation element connected to the input shaft and operated as an input element, and a third rotation element operated as another output element;
a first motor shaft disposed in parallel with and apart from the input shaft, operably connected to the first rotation element, and selectively connected to a transmission housing;
a first motor/generator disposed on the first motor shaft and configured to generate electric energy by receiving torque through the first motor shaft;
a second motor shaft being a hollow shaft, disposed at a radial exterior of the first motor shaft without rotational interference with the first motor shaft, and operably connected to the third rotation element so as to receive torque of the engine;
a second motor/generator disposed on the second motor shaft and outputting torque through the second motor shaft; and
a rotation restricting member disposed between the second rotation element of the planetary gear set and the transmission housing and preventing inverse rotation of the second rotation element.