US 9,809,097 B1
Pillar seal retainers for motor vehicle seal structures
Steven A. Metcalf, Royal Oak, MI (US); and Larry A. Filipczak, West Bloomfield, MI (US)
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Filed on Jul. 18, 2016, as Appl. No. 15/212,757.
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1. A seal retainer carrier for mounting a seal structure to an outer applique and a body structure of a motor vehicle, the seal structure including a flexible seal body with a first seal lip having a hook and a second seal lip having a recessed groove, the outer applique having a tab and a flange protruding from an inner surface thereof, the seal retainer carrier comprising:
a base configured to attach to the body structure of the motor vehicle;
a first interface flange attached to and projecting from the base, the first interface flange being configured to attach to the flange of the outer applique; and
a second interface flange attached to and projecting from the base, the second interface flange including a protruding rib configured to attach to the second seal lip,
wherein the protruding rib of the second interface flange fits into the recessed groove of the seal structure such that the seal structure mounts between the outer applique and the body structure with the hook of the first seal lip seated against the tab of the outer applique.