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Aroma-diffusing cartridge for vehicle
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1. An aroma-diffusing cartridge for a vehicle comprising:
a cartridge body which has a pair of vent holes at one side to make air flow in and out and a space which is a passage formed therein to allow the inflow air to flow;
a plurality of carriers arranged and mounted inside the cartridge body to contain and emit aroma according to an air flow path,
wherein the carriers have different aroma containing structures that are different in aroma containing and emitting term from one another;
wherein at least one of the carriers is relatively longer or shorter in aroma containing and emitting term than the other carriers;
wherein the vent holes which respectively form an air inlet and an air outlet of the cartridge body are respectively arranged at one side and the other side of the cartridge body, and the air passage which connects the vent holes has at least one bent section;
wherein the carriers comprise first carriers arranged on the air passage of the cartridge body, third carriers arranged to be adjacent to a pair of the vent holes which respectively form an air inlet and an air outlet, and a second carrier arranged between the first carriers and the third carriers;
wherein the first carriers are longer in aroma containing and emitting term than the second carrier and the third carriers; and
wherein the first carriers which are the longest in the aroma containing and emitting term are arranged at a position which does not directly touch the vent holes.