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Tapered axle/suspension system beam for heavy-duty vehicles
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1. An axle/suspension system for a heavy-duty vehicle including a pair of suspension assemblies, said axle/suspension system comprising:
a) an axle extending transversely between and being connected to said suspension assemblies, each one of the suspension assemblies including:
i) a hanger attached to, depending from and being offset outboardly from a respective one of a pair of longitudinally extending main members of a frame of said vehicle; and
ii) a longitudinally extending beam, said beam including a first end and a second end, said beam first end being pivotally connected to said hanger and said beam second end being connected to said respective main member, the beam capturing said axle, said beam having an upward tapered transverse cross-sectional profile, whereby clearance is provided between the beam and the main member during upward pivotal movement of said beam during suspension assembly jounce or lifting.