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Drawbar pin ejector
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1. A drawbar assembly for coupling a drawbar to a tongue of a towed implement, the drawbar assembly comprising:
a drawbar pin;
a drawbar clevis having a bore configured to receive the drawbar pin;
a locking plate movably coupled to the drawbar clevis, wherein the locking plate is movable between a pin-lock condition wherein the locking plate is configured to obstruct at least a portion of the bore, and a pin-unlock condition;
an upper retaining plate mounted above the locking plate coupling the locking plate to the clevis and assisting in preventing debris from affecting the locking plate; and
an ejector mechanism configured to dislodge the drawbar pin from the bore, the ejector mechanism comprising:
a handle utilized to operate the ejector mechanism, wherein the handle extends through a first slot in the upper retaining plate and an aligning but shorter second slot in the locking plate; and
an ejector arm pivotably disposed in an ejector recess in the clevis, wherein the ejector arm is movable from a home position in which the ejector arm does not interfere with the drawbar pin to an eject position in which the ejector arm forces the drawbar pin to be at least partially dislodged out of the bore in the clevis.