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Pneumatic tire
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1. A pneumatic tire, comprising:
a tread portion including a ground contact surface to be brought into contact with a road surface when the tire is rotated;
a pair of sidewall portions forming side surfaces of the tire and extending from the tread portion toward the inner side in the tire radial direction, respectively;
buttress portions each forming an outer surface region ranging from an end portion in the width direction of the ground contact surface to the corresponding sidewall portion;
a lateral groove formed in the buttress portion; and
a lug groove provided in the ground contact surface of the tread portion communicating with the lateral groove,
wherein polygonal blocks are formed in the outer surface region by demarcation grooves, and
wherein a groove width of the lateral groove is larger than a groove width of the lug groove,
wherein a first auxiliary groove extending in the tire width direction is formed in an outer surface of each polygonal block, the first auxiliary groove having a groove depth less than the demarcation groove.