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Advent calendar
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1. An advent calendar comprising:
at least three side parts extending substantially radially outwards from a central axis, wherein
i) the side parts are joined together proximate the central axis,
ii) at least one side part is at least one of removable or foldable with respect to at least one other side part,
iii) the side parts define at least 24 pre-punched recess fields,
iv) each pre-punched recess field is a region of one of the side parts defined by perforation in the one of the side parts,
v) the side parts define a plurality of first suspension devices, each first suspension device proximate an upper portion of one of the recess fields, the first suspension devices for hanging an article in an aperture formed when a corresponding one of the recess fields is removed; and
vi) a second suspension device is disposed on at least one of the pre-punched recess fields.