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Plasma generating device
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1. A plasma generating device, comprising:
a first plasma electrode and a counter electrode facing each other, the first plasma electrode extending in a lateral direction and comprising two projections, each of the two projections being arranged near an end portion of the first plasma electrode and opposite with respect to each other in the lateral direction, each of the two projections protruding from the first plasma electrode in a vertical direction towards the counter electrode over a first predetermined distance;
a preload mechanism adapted for urging each of said two projections of the first plasma electrode in the vertical direction against the counter electrode, such that the two projections cooperatively space the first plasma electrode at a first distance from the counter electrode to define a plasma gap between the first plasma electrode and the counter electrode; and
a print substrate transport mechanism for moving a print substrate in a transport direction through the plasma gap,
wherein the transport direction is directed substantially perpendicular to the lateral direction of the first plasma electrode, and
wherein the counter electrode comprises a support surface facing said plasma gap, wherein said support surface is substantially flat along the plasma gap.