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Droplet drying device and image forming apparatus
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1. A droplet drying device comprising:
a plurality of light emitting devices arranged in a two-dimensional manner to irradiate droplets with light to dry the droplets, the droplets being ejected on a recording medium by an ejection unit;
a regular irradiation capability portion provided in a region corresponding to an image forming region of the recording medium where an image is formed, the regular irradiation capability portion having a predetermined light irradiation capability; and
a low irradiation capability portion provided in a region corresponding to a region of the recording medium set to have a lower image-forming density than the image forming region, a light irradiation capability of the low irradiation capability portion being lower than the predetermined light irradiation capability;
the image forming region being a region in which an actual image of an original document is formed, and the lower image-forming density region being a region distinct from the image forming region and being a margin on both sides of the recording medium in a sheet conveying direction.