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Ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
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1. An ink jet recording method comprising:
applying a reaction liquid to a recording medium by sending the reaction liquid from a reaction liquid container to a nozzle orifice in an ink jet head through a reaction liquid passage and discharging the reaction liquid from the nozzle orifice, the reaction liquid passage connecting the reaction liquid container to the nozzle orifice; and
applying a water-based ink composition to the recording medium by discharging the ink composition from a nozzle orifice in the ink jet head, the water-based ink composition containing a colorant,
wherein the reaction liquid contains a (meth)acrylic resin and a polyvalent metal salt, the polyvalent metal salt serving as a coagulating agent that is reactive with a component of the water-based ink composition,
the (meth)acrylic resin is a colorant dispersant for dispersing the colorant in the water-based ink composition,
at least one of materials that constitute the reaction liquid container and the reaction liquid passage and that make contact with the reaction liquid contains a C6 or higher aliphatic acid, and
wherein a ratio defined as A/M is 200 or greater, where M is a total amount, in parts by mass, of the aliphatic acid that can be dissolved from the at least one of the materials and A is a total amount, in parts by mass, of the (meth)acrylic resin contained in the reaction liquid in the reaction liquid container and the reaction liquid passage.