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Piezoelectric device, liquid ejection head, and method of manufacturing piezoelectric device
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1. A piezoelectric device comprising:
a first substrate having an empty chamber;
a diaphragm defining a surface of the empty chamber;
a piezoelectric element formed by stacking a first electrode layer, a piezoelectric layer, and a second electrode layer in sequence from the diaphragm side, the piezoelectric element provided on the side of the diaphragm opposite to the empty chamber; and
a second substrate provided on the side of the first substrate opposite to the diaphragm,
wherein the thickness of at least a part of the first substrate in an opening peripheral area of the empty chamber is thicker than the thickness in an area outside the opening peripheral area,
the thickness in the opening peripheral area causing a portion of the diaphragm in the opening peripheral area to be raised upward in a state where no voltage is applied to the piezoelectric element.