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Member bonding apparatus and method
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1. A member bonding apparatus, comprising:
a member bonding device for pressing either one of two members to be bonded with an adhesive between the two members, the adhesive being applied to a bonding surface of one of the two members, pushing a pressing-side member onto an opposite-side member, bonding the bonding surfaces of the two members, and making a bonded member;
a camera for acquiring an image of a spreading state of the adhesive in the bonding surface of the two members of the bonded member that is bonded by the member bonding device;
a tilt adjusting device for adjusting, based on the image acquired by the camera, the tilt of the bonded member when a non-spreading part of the adhesive between an end of the bonded member and an end of the adhesive has a bias in size so that the adhesive moves to the larger side of the non-spreading part;
a spreading adjustment device for controlling a pushing amount and a pushing time interval of a pressing-side member to adjust the spreading of the adhesive so that the size of the non-spreading part reduces to a predetermined size depending on the size of the non-spreading part acquired with the camera; and
an adhesive curing processing device for curing the adhesive in an edge of the bonded member when the non-spreading part is eliminated through the adjustment by the spreading adjustment device.