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Modular 3D printing using a robot arm
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1. A three-dimensional printer system comprising:
a resin container;
a base plate;
a light source arranged below the resin container, wherein the light source is operable to emit electromagnetic radiation that causes resin in the resin container to cure;
a robotic device having the base plate attached thereto, wherein the robotic device positions the base plate above the resin container and is operable to move the base plate with at least two degrees of freedom, such that a build volume of the three-dimensional printer system extends beyond the edges of the resin container and a horizontal cross section of the build volume is larger than a horizontal cross section of the resin container; and
a control system that is operable to:
(a) receive data specifying a three-dimensional structure; and
(b) based at least in part on the specified structure, generate control signals that coordinate movement of the base plate by the robotic device and operation of the light source to form the three-dimensional structure from layers of resin, wherein each layer of resin is formed by exposure of resin in the resin container to electromagnetic radiation from the light source.