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Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) stringer termination softening with stacked CFRP noodle
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1. A stringer having a longitudinal length defining an acreage region, a transition region, and a runout region, the stringer comprising:
a base flange comprising a bottom surface configured for coupling to a vehicle skin;
a web extending away from the base flange, the web comprising a bottom adjacent to the base flange and a top edge opposite the bottom; and
a noodle having a noodle length substantially corresponding to the longitudinal length and configured to substantially fill a stringer cavity defined between the base flange and the web along the longitudinal length, the noodle comprising
a unidirectional fiber top portion;
a stacked laminate bottom portion coupled to the unidirectional fiber top portion, the stacked laminate bottom portion comprising a plurality of stacks, each of the plurality of stacks comprising
a first ply having a first ply orientation, a second ply abutting the first ply and having a second ply orientation, and a third ply abutting the second ply and having a third ply orientation along the acreage region of the noodle length, and
the first ply having the first ply orientation and the third ply having the third ply orientation abutting the first ply along the transition region of the noodle length.