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Fuel tank manufacturing method and fuel tank
Miki Kimura, Nisshin (JP); and Shingo Ogata, Toyoake (JP)
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1. A method of manufacturing a fuel tank, comprising:
passing a hollow molten resin projection, that projects-out in a wall-thickness direction and is formed at a molten resin sheet that becomes a tank structural member structuring a tank main body, through a mounting hole of a part-to-be-mounted that is placed on the molten resin sheet; and
pressurizing the molten resin projection from an inner side, and causing at least a portion of the molten resin projection to jut-out to a peripheral portion of the mounting hole of the part-to-be-mounted, wherein
a projecting member, that projects-out from a mold surface at which the molten resin sheet is placed and that forms the molten resin projection at the molten resin sheet, is provided at a molding die for molding the tank structural member,
an elastic body, that expands due to supply of a non-compressible fluid and pressurizes the molten resin projection from an inner side, is provided at the projecting member,
the molten resin projection is formed by the projecting member at the molten resin sheet that is placed along the mold surface, and
the elastic body is expanded due to supply of the fluid, and pressurizes the molten resin projection from the inner side.