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Method and device for making granules
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1. A device for making granules from strands of a melt of a thermoplastic polymer material, wherein the device comprises:
a. a melt-creating apparatus for producing the melt from the thermoplastic polymer material, having:
(i) a perforated plate from which the thermoplastic polymer material is discharged in multiple strands;
(ii) an impinging flow device comprising an impinging flow nozzle from which the multiple strands are impinged with an impinging flow fluid; and
(iii) a dividing device for dividing the multiple strands into individual granules;
wherein the impinging flow device is arranged to pivot relative to the perforated plate by means of a pivoting joint, located in the region of the perforated plate, in such a manner that the multiple strands are impinged in the region where they are discharged from the perforated plate.