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Collapsible core of a mold for forming internal features such as threads
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1. A collapsible core assembly comprising:
first and second sets of thread forming components that cooperate when operationally positioned to form a set of continuously extending female threads within an interior of a product molded around a portion of the core assembly, and that retractively move after forming the threads to different locations where the components are disengaged from the newly formed threads, wherein the first and second sets of thread forming components are configured to execute distinctly different types of retractive movement while traveling to the different locations; and
a nest component to which the thread forming components of the first and second set are individually movably connected, wherein the nest component is provided with passageways through which elongate elements extend that are connected to the components of the second set that delay disengagement of the components of the second set from newly formed interior threads of a newly formed product until after components of the first set have begun to disengage from the newly formed interior threads.