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Methods of making continuous fiber-polyolefin composites
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1. A method of making a continuous fiber-reinforced polyolefin matrix composite, the method comprising:
(a) providing a reaction vessel;
(b) providing a plurality of continuous carbon fibers;
(c) providing a solvent;
(d) providing a polymerization catalyst;
(e) providing an acyclic olefin monomer;
(f) placing the plurality of continuous carbon fibers in the reaction vessel;
(g) adding the solvent, the polymerization catalyst and the acyclic olefin monomer to the reaction vessel;
(h) providing temperature and pressure inside the reaction vessel to promote polymerization of the acyclic olefin monomer to form a polyolefin matrix; and
(i) isolating the continuous fiber-reinforced polyolefin matrix composite from the solvent and its dissolved contents.